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Antimatter Instance – Dev Diary got Moved

Alas, when it comes to social media, I’m a complete newbie. It looks like there might have been a small mix-up:

  • The development diary for the game “Antimatter Instance” is here:
    • This is the one that was submitted for the Dream Build Play contest.
    • This is the one that has a good account of the technical challenges I faced during the development of my entry (tears included).
  • On the other hand, this other blog currently in the screen is more for general development, not specifically related to the Dream Build Play contest.

The main reason about why I moved the development diary to its own website is to keep it in accordance to the rules of the contest. In particular, there is a good advice about not using my personal blog, unless it is specifically for the game itself, which is not my case. This tip came after the creation of the first posts, so that is why there are two posts here. I didn’t want to delete them because they were already linked in other sites.

I hope this post can clarify the misunderstanding.