#AssetGameChallenge Entry “Doomsday for a Spider Nest”: Let the games begin!

I’m quite fortunate to be part of a couple of thriving indie game development communities. Although we don’t always agree, I’ve always enjoyed chatting with people that are as passionate as I am about our craft. As it happens, they are coordinating a game development contest, and I’m feeling like joining them, just for kicks. After all, there’s not much on TV during the holidays.

#AssetGameChallenge is the name of the event, and “Doomsday for a Spider Nest” is the name of my entry. This will be my first attempt to create and publish a 2D game using C++ and my own engine, so I feel I’m going to be at a disadvantage. It’s all right, though, as it will be fun, no matter if I finish on time or not – let alone if I get good feedback, or not.

It’s going to be a shooter game, to be played best with a touch screen. I really want to use my HP Stream 7 tablet for this project. It will have one scene only, though, as there is not much time to do anything else. More than a game, it is going to be like a performance benchmark tool, exploiting as much as I can from particle systems. I’m inclined to believe that will give me some advantage against managed classes… then again, I’m not quite good at coding, so, let’s see what performance I can get.

The contest has a prior phase about the publication of an “asset”. I don’t have a membership of any asset store, so I don’t think I’ll be able to participate in that phase. That’s quite fine, though, as the game entry itself will consume most of my free time.

So, to recapitulate, this webpage states the start of a new project, and the check list stands as follows:

  • Announce the entry,
  • Set the expectation, and
  • Put it back to the icebox while I finish porting my Third-Person Shooter as a Universal Windows Platform game.

Here is the link to the contest